Political Writing Archive

winning orwellMy columns at the Daily Telegraph are here, and Telegraph Blogs entries are here.

I was very briefly at the New Statesman – a list of my 11 blogs for the Staggers is here. (The piece against badger culling – A Black and White Issue – is quite good, IMHO.)

There are three ‘banks’ of my “old” (pre-2014) posts at ConservativeHome

  • The CentreRight page, here. I think my favourite contribution was my ‘Swimming Pool’ theory of conservatism, which you can find here.
  • The weekly ‘columnists’ section. Those contributions can be found here.
  • Originally I submitted pieces to the Platform page. All those pieces can be found here, including my first contribution, Love Actually, about the joy of living in a country which finally treated cohabiting gay couples with legal respect.