Bright, Bright Blue

tory2Bright Blue is a thinktank/lobby group that campaigns for moderate/mainstream/ liberal/progressive Conservatism – the adjective is irrelevant, as whichever one is chosen is (in my opinion) just a synonym for “Not Ukip-pish”. (My Toryism is basically the intersection of “I don’t want to be ruled by collectivists” with “or Ukip.”)

I’m fortunate enough to have been asked to write for them a few times.

  • No Place Like Home was a piece about immigration.
  • Come Together is a chapter on loneliness, which I wrote for the Tory Modernisation2.0 book (you can read it most easily on this website, here, but this is a link to a pdf of the whole book – I’m on p73.)
  • The Love of Men was an editorial I wrote for the organisation about the importance of male role models for children (well: it’s a piece about my dad.)

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