Human-shaped politics

IMG_0668Graeme Archer writes about British politics and life – a kind reviewer once called his the “politics of being human.”  (Paul Goodman’s biography of Graeme appears here.)

He wrote a weekly column for the Daily Telegraph for three years, and blogged there too. He continues to contribute articles to the paper, with pieces in 2015 on topics including Brighton, UK politics, the marriage of Iris Murdoch,  the genius of Sir John Major and the TARDIS-like impact of the “gay marriage” reforms.

He is a  long-time contributor to the ConservativeHome website, writing a weekly column for it. In his opinion, his best pieces have been A Cost of Living Crisis, on mob culture, and The Cat Who Dreamt He Was God, a cry for help in the middle of a Corporate melt-down.

5808229418_0f589cfe4f_zHe won the Orwell Prize for political blogging in 2011, based on his contributions to  ConservativeHome.

He has appeared as a commentator on BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio Scotland on several occasions.tree boy

Graeme also has a Ph.D. in Bayesian statistics, and continues to work as a professional statistician.

You can email him on or by clicking on this link.

He is on twitter as @graemearcher.